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Graphics Design
Graphics Design is the creation of visual composition to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imaginary, color and forms.

Graphics design includes the different tools which are used to design and decorate Logo, Book Cover Page, Magazine cover page,  newspaper, pamphlets, invitation-cards, hording board, sign board, prospectus, Image editing and using graphical tools for preparing reports and presentation. This course has higher scope and is helpful in exploring the creativity of the individuals in the form of their designs.

Module 1 of Graphics Design

MS Word

    • Font & Paragraph Formatting
    • Editing, Saving & Printing Text Documents
    • Inserting Table
    • Header & Footer
    • Smart Art
    • Page Breaks
    • Using List & Styles, Spelling & Grammar Check
    • Understanding Document Properties & Tabs
    • Mail Marge
    • Document Views & Macros
    • Saving & Protecting Sheets Documents
    • Project Work

MS Excel  

    • Spread Sheet
    • Creating, Editing, Saving & Printing Spreadsheet.
    • Working With Functions & Formulas.
    • Understanding Basic Formulas & Advance Formulas. (Sum, Max, Min, Count, Average, Percentage, Rank, Round, Vlookup, Hlookup and Many More….
    • Formatting Worksheet with Color And Conditional Formatting.
    • Graphically Data Entry.
    • Graphically Representation Data, Charts & Graphs.
    • Using Data Entry Forms.
    • Analyzing Data, Data menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data.
    • Secure & Protecting Spreadsheet.
    • Project Work

MS PowerPoint

    • Creating & Printing Slides
    • Adding Custom Animation
    • Using Slide Transitions
    • Using Charts, Graphs & Photo Album
    • Creating Professional Presentation
    • Project Work


    • Introduction to Internet
    • Browser Basics
    • Downloading, Searching, Surfing and Storing Data
    • Online Forms Submission
    • Online Bill Payment
    • Online Ticket Booking
    • and many more..

Module 2 of Graphics Design


    • Introduction to CorelDraw tools
    • Set Bar’s
    • PowerClip
    • Logo Design, Book Cover page design, Pamphlet, Brochures, Banner etc.
    • Tracing ( Logo, Cartoon’s )
    • Text Effect
    • Bevel Effect
    • Transforming Objects
    • Outlining & Filing Objects
    • Working with Bitmaps
    • Project Work
    • and many more….

Adobe Photoshop

    • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop tools
    • Adjustments
    • Layers, Channels, Paths
    • Layer Mask, Vector Mask, Clipping Mask, Quick Mask
    • Retouching Image
    • Color Correction
    • Background
    • Typography
    • Project Work
    • and many more….

Adobe Illustrator

    • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator tools
    • Tracing ( Logo & Cartoon’s )
    • Logo Design, Magazine Cover Page Design, Business Card Design etc.
    • Working with Colour
    • Transforming Objects
    • Fill & Stroke Effects
    • 3D Object & Symbols
    • Brush Introduction
    • Typography
    • Project Work
    • and many more….

Adobe InDesign

    • Introduction to Adobe InDesign tools
    • Character and Paragraph Style
    • Clipping Path, Pathfinder etc.
    • Layout
    • Master Pages
    • Colors Setting
    • Text, Paste Options, Text Frame Options
    • Project Work
    • and many more….

Module 3 of Graphics Design

    • Printing and Publishing
    • Interview Preparation
    • Job Skill Training

Requirements to learn Graphics Design

  • We expect some basic understanding of English.
  • No age restriction.
  • Basic writing and reading skills.
  • We expect students must have basic understanding of windows fundamental. However No academic qualification restriction.

What is the target audience of Graphics Design?

  • This course is targeted for students who are preparing for the jobs in different marketing companies.
  • The candidate planning for job in print and publishing press.
  • The enterprise and small level news editor and newspaper designer.
  • The peoples who want to involve in photography and photo editing.
  • Different types of designers(logo, pattern, Cover etc).

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